Energy Materials

Rapidly growing global energy demands, limited reserves of fossil energies and associated environmental enterprises, the intermittent nature of renewable energy sources, the limited effectiveness of being energy conversion systems — these are the challenges that society faces moment. Advanced materials are the crucial rudiments in the development of improved high- effectiveness, low- cost, clean energy technologies. All aspects of abecedarian wisdom and applied exploration on accoutrements used for harvesting, conversion, storehouse, transmission, and application of energy.
The motifs of interest include( but aren't limited to) accoutrements for:
Energy harvesting piezoelectric; thermoelectric; triboelectric; magnetostrictive;
Energy storehouse batteries; supercapacitors; hydrogen technology; hydrogen storage; water splitting; steam and carbon dioxide electrolysis; phase change accoutrements ; thermal energy storehouse;
Energy conversion energy cells; photovoltaics; nuclear; solar energy conversion; biomass, biogas, and biofuels; electrocatalysis and photocatalysis;
Energy transmission and emigration control superconductors; high- and low- emissivity coating; thermal sequestration;
Energy-effective technologies and devices
Energy- related environmental aspects CO2 capture, application, and conversion; recovery and recycling of energy accoutrements .
Both simulation/ modeling and experimental benefactions on design, medication, processing, characterization, and performance of materials for energy- related technologies and applications are welcome.

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